Board Karibu 2019-2020


18th board of study association T.W.I.S.T., 2019-2020
From left to right: Wout Damen, Annemiek Vos, Oda Vik, Jelle Christiaans and Jesper Tittse. 


Oda Vik (Chairperson)
After nearly a year of deliberation over which track to choose (final decision: Descriptive), Oda has pros-and-cons-lists and making informed decisions down to a fine art, something she thinks will come in handy in her position as Chairperson. Oda came to the Netherlands just short of a year ago, and hopes she will be able to make people – internationals and Dutch students alike – feel as welcome and comfortable in Leiden as she has. Outside of coursework and language learning, Oda loves to consume media in all its forms: from the latest influencer drama to foreign arthouse films from the 50s, and anything in between. It should therefore go without saying that you can strike up a conversation with her about virtually anything! And, for what it’s worth, she loves making friends and really hopes you will!

Annemiek Vos (Secretary)
After attending a lot of T.W.I.S.T. activities this year, Annemiekis ready to become even more active in the association to make it an even better place! Besides that, she is excited to start the minor Mind and Brain while also taking on some more subjects in Linguistics. She is always in for game nights and a cup of tea at TWea o’clock and loves to play the violin in her free time. She also tries to teach herself to play both the keyboard and the ukulele, which is not going very well. She looks forward to having even more fun at activities, while taking on the challenge of being secretary!

Jelle Christiaans (Treasurer)
Despite being an active member of T.W.I.S.T. since only quite recently, Jelle has decided to take the actual studying at a slower pace and fully commit to T.W.I.S.T. this year by joining the board as treasurer. This second-year student of Descriptive Linguistics, who spends most of his time learning all sorts of languages, reading some classical literature and drinking a lot of tea (unless crazy high temperatures forbid these sorts of activities), is looking forward to not only TWea o’clock, but also to meeting many new people!

Wout Damen (Commissioner Internal Relations)
During his first year of studying Linguistics, Wout’s love for T.W.I.S.T. has only grown bigger. Having done two committees, this year he wants to take it to the next level and be responsible for the relations between the association and its members. Besides keeping our social media and website up to date, Wout will spend the next year following the Language and Cognitiontrack and having fun with his fellow T.W.I.S.T. members. Balancing these activities with his full-time jobs of plant mum, improv cook, mediocre language learner and cat adorer will be a challenging, but exciting task.

Jesper Tittse (Commissioner External Relations)
Going into his fourth year as a T.W.I.S.T. member and his second year in (Descriptive) Linguistics, Jesper is very excited to embrace this new challenge of joining T.W.I.S.T.’s board for next year. For the past three years he has been in African Studies and last year he decided to start the BA Linguistics as well, thanks in part to what he learned about the programme through our study association. Despite not being very active in T.W.I.S.T. until last year, Jesper knows many of our current members and is looking forward to welcoming many more next year as Commissioner External Relations. His hobbies include – in no particular order – playing games, reading, travelling, sinning, thrill-seeking and having mental breakdowns. Also language.